About me

I have over ten years of Management (and all the goodies that come with leading a successful company), Art Direction, talent management, coaching & mentoring, negotiation, marketing development, print / web design, color theory, color science, color psychology, UI, UX, prepress and desktop/server level IT in web and mail technologies, and web application design. I’ve designed for household names such as William Sonoma, the GAP, Nike Town, Harley Davidson, Snap-on, the Smithsonian, ComEd, Verizon, AT&T, Pixar and PG&E. I'm currently a Chief Operating Officer for Bently Enterprises.

When not busy with my own work, I can be found enjoying the occasional comic, or eating fantastic food with the love of my life and my little girl, Zoe. Often times I’m reading at home, playing the piano, or designing my own interests. I’m also training and plotting my adventures.

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